Parts work and Feeding Your Demons

Do you know recurring strong reactions, thoughts, emotions, behaviors or physical symptoms that keep putting you in challenging situations, masking all other feelings and sensations as soon as they arise and making you numb or sabotaging your strength and vitality? 

Do you have thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or physical symptoms that are inexplicable or throw you into confusion and fog when you attempt to address them or understand them?

Do you sometimes feel like you can almost grasp a topic, an emotion, a physical symptom, see it in your mind's eye, but it escapes you when you get too close?


I work inspired by the Internal Family Systems method, somatic process work and ritual work. 

I support you in dealing with your banished, unwanted and recurring inner parts, voices and beings that belong to your inner landscape for every concern. We meet them with love, compassion and mindfulness to find out what role they have taken on in your life, how they support or hinder you in your desires. We enter into an inner dialogue and relationship with them to see how we can relieve them of their burdens and functions from the past and what they need today so that they can be integrated back into your strong self. 



Feeding your demons.... Shortly

Hydra Map part work

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