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25Octoberall day29Let me be your fantasyAn experimental deep research

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Let me be your fantasy - says your head, says your heart, your stomach and genitals. Where is it now, the core of your eroticism, your passion?

You probably know it very well – your core erotic theme. Recurring again and again, in various scripts and scenarios, with changing cast and setting, perhaps with small modifications over the years, with shameful restraint or shameless and excessive acting out. Sometimes perhaps staged aesthetically and elaborately, cultivated and emancipated as a personal kink and in sex-positive rooms, sometimes effectively to come, secretly during sex with partners or quickly under the covers for a relaxed sleep. Perhaps also as a recurring theme or pattern that prevents, determines or inspires loves or relationships, leading them into or out of them.

We encounter your (core) fantasy, explore its layers. You see for yourself where it will lead you. We stage the material of your dreams, we question performers and beings, we play with scenery and sets, we translate the underlying dynamics into bodies and bodywork.

We play with the fantasies, question them, reconcile them, deconstruct them, let them come to life. We provide opportunities for internal and external dialogue, while your own creativity and enthusiasm for research are required. There are no limits to the imagination, but be careful: your inner images may not be the same anymore. That they change in color and shape, desire and longing. Maybe it will turn into a wild, driving erotic game, a feast for the senses. Questions and doubts, vulnerabilities and old wounds may show up. Perhaps untold stories and new, unexpected images and desires will emerge.

This workshop is for nerds, for brave, curious, researchers. For those who want to know exactly, maybe at the expense of their (usual) pleasure, maybe for the benefit of others. The workshop may contain traces of kink, BDSM and nudity. Sex and love not excluded. 4 days can lead to confusion and enlightenment. The workshop can initiate intensive personality processes. It is advantageous if you know how to move in sex-positive, gender-diverse and kink spaces, can communicate your boundaries and needs and want to engage with yourself and a group. At least you should have the good intention to do so.

Every expression is welcome, just as your limits and your stop are invited at any time. The methods are inspired by sexological bodywork, constellation and parts work, lucid masturbation, demon feeding, kink and BDSM and poetry. Let's dive deep together into the universe of your daring dreams, your limitless sensuality and creative soul.

Management: Mareen Scholl and Juliette Caryl Morgan

25-29 October 2023

Mittwoch, 25.10.: 12-20 Uhr

Donnerstag, 26.10.: 10.30-20 Uhr

Freitag, 27.10.: 14.30-22.30 Uhr (der später beginnende Tag kann eventuell auch auf den Samstag fallen!)

Samstag, 28.10.: 10.30-20 Uhr

Sonntag, 29.10.: 10.30-18 Uhr

Die Schlusszeiten sind Maximalzeiten. Kleine Änderungen vorbehalten.


Supporter 630€

Regulär 580€

Basis 530€

Registration: HIER beim ISB Berlin

IKSK Berlin, Holzmarktstrasse 25, 10243 Berlin



october 25 (Wednesday) - 29 (Sunday)


IKSK Institute for Body Research and Sexual Culture

Holzmarktstraße 25, house 2/ 4th floor

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