My contribution to the free Zukunftswerk join-in conference "The Miracle and the Wisdom of Your Body" can still be viewed throughout 2023.  

In this video I talk about what physicality means and how you can deepen it, how mindful physicality can access your inner wisdom and lust and how you can practice sexual self-love.

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SPOILERS: This video is not about orgasm! And as much as technical circumstances dont allow the full title to be "Full body orgasms and OTHER forms to avoid pleasure" as we planned, as much the limited picture and understanding of subtle, individual and unnormative forms of arousal inhibit our capacity for pleasure. What treasures are to be found to live a meaningful and enriching intimate life?
I spoke in this video with Mexico based pleasure blog activist, bodyworker and coach Candia Raquel about my way of working, the question of how to support change and my vision of a culture of unnormative uniqueness.
To my work, all the reasons for having sex and what conscious sexuality could be. An interview with RoK Incorporated as part of an interview series on sex work and work with sexuality, 3 years ago!