Embodied self-love

Erotic embodiment, sensual self-pleasure and mindful masturbation
in 6 Online-Modulen

Embodied self-love

Sinnlicher Selbstgenuss, erotisches Embodiment und achtsame Masturbation

in 6 online modules and 3 live calls over 3 months
or anytime at your own pace and schedule


Group start on September 11, 2023, group end on December 11.

With the support of other researchers and accompanying live exercise and Q+A calls.

You can also start at any time without a group, you can set your own pace and duration.


Find your way to develop and reclaim sensual presence, emotional truthfulness, creative expression as well as erotic power and ability.

Open up a universe of new sensations to your body in order to expand your space for desire, enjoyment and joie de vivre. Discover your body as your largest erogenous zone and the source of your wisdom.


All modules contain text, video and audio material.

  • Inhold


#Intro: Arrive

              Possible challenges and obstacles

              orientation and alignment 


1: embodiment: breath, voice movement

2: contact

3: Self-love, self-contact, pleasure and eros

4: genitals

5: Arousal, activation and ecstasy

6: Creativity and play


#Integration + Outlook




More about Orgasmic Yoga and regular practice

Orgasmic Yoga is a somatic practice that invites embodied self-love, supported through breath, voice, movement and touch. It was developed by Joseph Kramer, the principal founder of Sexological Bodywork, with input from many other pioneers and adventurers in conscious eroticism.

Why do we practice Orgasmic Yoga?

Self love is our most intimate and natural way to connect with ourselves and our sexuality. With Orgasmic Yoga we find our way back to the body and search for our expression of sensuality. We may encounter reservations, reluctance, fears and shame, but also acceptance, creativity, love, desire and passion. We invite all emotions and sensations as a potential for our learning, acceptance of what is, and knowing that we are all right on our very own sexual journey. We meet ourselves - in the space between who we are and who we are becoming. As an expression of our self-esteem, we deepen the intimacy with ourselves and allow everything that wants to show up in this moment. As such, Orgasmic Yoga is both deep physical training and embodied meditation.

With Orgasmic Yoga you explore the love for yourself, your body and your sensuality. You embark on a sensual and playful journey, on which you can develop and rediscover your sexuality and masturbation as self-love from time to time. The goal of orgasmic yoga is not necessarily the orgasm (even if climaxes are welcome), but the conscious feeling of your sensual, sexual and erotic energy, as it wants to show itself in this moment - or not. It is an invitation to open yourself to a universe of new sensations and to explore your body as your largest erogenous zone. In it you can enjoy orgasmic states - an extended feeling of pleasurable and pleasurable spaces free from shame and performance pressure. Through this regular conscious practice, what the term yoga refers to here, you can integrate your sexual energy into everyday life.

You can always book the course just for you and your own research and go through it at your own pace without coming into contact with the community.

You can start the course together with the group and follow it at a structured pace - and of course you can switch to your own pace at any time.

The course is accompanied by 3 zoom calls for exercises, questions and answers with Mareen and Juliette.

You can also take part in regular community calls for questions and answers but also for practical exercises, which are offered by trained coaches* from our network on a donation basis.

The course is hosted on my Thinkific learning platform. To do this, register on the platform with your name and email address. You can decide for yourself how much you want to reveal about yourself. You can register with your real name or a nickname. Your email address is not visible. Your data is subject to European data protection. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

Mareen Scholl and Juliette Caryl Morgan

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