Holistic Bodywork •
Somatic Coaching &
trauma-sensitive body therapy

Holistic Bodywork is holistic somatic coaching and trauma-sensitive body therapy with a holistic understanding of the interplay between body, mind, feelings, social structures and spirituality. We sensitively devote ourselves to matters of the heart, vision and business issues, transformation processes and physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual challenges.

I work with the awareness that when I work with a human being or a body, I am not just touching the physical body or just a single level. Instead, all levels of the body always work simultaneously, whether we are aware of it or not. Accordingly, we find out together which levels are important to you or which levels have received little attention so far and have been overlooked and want to be integrated.

I consider how child developmental circumstances and personal and intergenerational trauma structures as well as collective trauma and societal power structures affect our bodies, personalities and relationships. Holistic Bodywork therefore not only starts with the symptom in a goal-oriented manner, but also encourages you to carefully go deeper and approach the core in order to invite change or healing, both of physical and emotional challenges, but also in the realization of matters of the heart, visions and transformation processes.

Holistic Bodywork wants to connect you with your own resources and self-efficacy so that change, growth and learning arise from within yourself. We use the wisdom of your body and also the power of neuroplasticity. This is your brain's ability to realign its makeup and functions through somatic anchoring and practice, thereby changing habits and patterns, ways of thinking and behaving. I support you to perceive and self-regulate your nervous system and thus also your emotions, feelings and states of being and activation in order to devote yourself to your topics in a self-determined and oriented manner and to live a life of connectedness.

We work very specifically with your physical and somatic experience to bring you in contact with yourself and your feelings. I work with somatic processes both hands-on - with supporting touch or focused body work - and hands-off - supported by mindfulness, breath, voice, movement, self-touch and verbalization.

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