Tao means way - into your life force, to harmony with you, your environment and the cosmos. With Qi Gong and meditation you develop and refine your life force Qi and bring it into a harmonious flow. You strengthen your inner center and status in your life through the integration of your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Cultivate, circulate and store your sexual energy as an inner source for physical and mental health, emotional balance, sexual power, loving relationships and aliveness. 

I accompany you in one-on-one sessions in learning various practices that include Qi Gong, meditation and genital kung fu. 

The Taoist wisdom knowledge is based on Taoist philosophy of life and the science of the life energy Chi and is acquired and acquired through regular practice. 

Genital Kung Fu, which also includes the jade egg practice and genital weight lifting, strengthens the pelvic floor, sensitizes the genital tissue, supports the sense of pleasure, increases and preserves life energy. 

It is currently being created online course to the sexual Tao. You will find more information here shortly.

In the calendar see if I'm offering on-site classes right now.

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