with Mareen Scholl 
Juliette Caryl Morgan

Solo Love – verkörperte Selbstliebe

Sensual self-pleasure, erotic embodiment and mindful masturbation 

in 6 Online-Modulen und 4 live-Calls über 3 Monate
or anytime at your own pace and schedule

Gruppenstart am 7. Januar 2024, Gruppenabschluss 14. April. Mit Unterstützung anderer Forschender und begleitenden live-Übungs- und Q+A-Calls.

You can also start at any time without a group, you can set your own pace and duration.

Find your way to develop and reclaim sensual presence, emotional truthfulness, creative expression as well as erotic power and ability.

Open up a universe of new sensations to your body in order to expand your space for desire, enjoyment and joie de vivre. Discover your body as your largest erogenous zone and the source of your wisdom.

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