Locate your concern in space and time(lessness) in order to experience it systemically, somatically and energetically. Question inner landscapes and get moving answers from the open field of possibilities and ancestors.

This work combines spatialization and embodiment of your inner experience, personal relationship structures, systemic connections and energetic connections. You can decide beforehand what or who you want to put in the field, or you just name the topic and we'll see what comes up. By arrangement, I will step into your field and receive information for you. Or you enter your field yourself and feel in your own body what it has to tell. Together we always look at what is right at the moment and how we want to survey the field together. In this way, topics can become visible, solutions can be found, energy can be moved and connections can be broken.

Sometimes, by arrangement, I will include touch, bodywork and ritual to anchor the process even more.

This form of constellation does not align with any particular school, concepts of right/wrong, family, relationship, or gender. I invite you here to let go of your own concepts and get involved in the field. 


Constellations are suitable for any topic and also for topics of sexuality and intimacy if you do not want to work directly with your sensual-erotic body with Sexological Bodywork.

You can book constellations as individual work or in a group room. If you would like to look at your topic in detail with other participants, please let me know and I will see if this can be organized.


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