Mareen Scholl

Our bodies want security, want space, want connection, movement, pleasure and fulfillment.

They want love, eros, justice, recognition, wealth and security. Play and dance and challenge. Arriving, mourning, silence. Just being.

I offer spaces in which you can meet your longings and come close to your visions in order to embody them boldly and clearly, full of the spirit of research. Because change happens all the time. I accompany you in finding this in you and bringing it into the world sustainably.

Ich verstehe mich und meine Arbeit als prozessorientiert, traumasensibel, pleasure- und körperpositiv, gender-expansiv, queer-feministisch, kink-bewusst und therapiebegleitend.

I am also available for english speaking people.


♦ Ongoing training as a heart-breath healer - intuitive energy and constellation work with Catarina Skierecki

♦ Women's Pelvic Floor Bodywork - 200 hour Professional Training, with Martin Beaudoin


♦ Since 2019 founding and director of the ISB Institute for Somatic Education, Sexuality and Bodywork Berlin

♦ Since 2016 in the management team of the Sexological Bodywork Training Berlin

♦ 2016 Leadership Team of the Unique Sexual Tao 1 Year Training

♦ Since 2012 individual work and workshop leadership in consciousness-oriented work with body, mind and sexuality

♦ Self-employed cultural worker for many years. Implementation of cultural, socio-cultural and participatory artistic projects, especially in the field of creative, sustainable urban development and civil society commitment. communication and networking. Main field of work the cultural dimension of sustainability, research of the social sculpture according to Beuys.

Training, further education, seminars, workshops

♦ 7 years of Holistic Bodywork training – somatic coaching and trauma-sensitive body therapy with Pascal Beaumart

♦ Training in the Pantarei Approach (without certification)

♦ ongoing practice group Sexual Tao according to Mantak Chia, Qi Gong, Taoist abdominal, organ and genital massage according to Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang (Udo Treide/Universal Tao Berlin)

♦ Masterclass intimate massage (with Didi Liebold and Janine Hug/ISSB Zurich)

♦ 1-year Lomi Lomi massage training with Anja & Jana Goralski/Lomi training Berlin

♦ Diploma Course Sexological Bodywork + Somatic Sex Education CSB Level I (Institute for Somatic Sexology Australia) with Uma Ayelet Furman and Deej Juventin

♦ Diploma course Sexological Bodywork + Somatic Sexual Counseling IISB Level I, II, III and IV (International Institute for Sexological Bodywork, Zurich, Copenhagen and Berlin) with Didi Liebold, Janine Hug and Joseph Kramer

♦ Advanced modules for somatic sexual counseling with Didi Liebold (IISB)

♦ Tantric Body-Dearmouring Level 1, by Andrew Barnes

♦ Fascial massage (Ulf Pape/Relaxing Art Academy)

♦ Genital massage (IISB)

♦ Tantric massage (Jana Reinwarth/almond milk and saffron & Atman, Klara Luhmen)

♦ Lomi Lomi Massage (Ancsa Szofia Uberhardt)

♦ Heartwork (Michael Hartenfels & Maren Emde)

♦ Continuum Movement (Kai Erhardt/Somatic Academy)

♦ Participation in the 2-year ReSource research project on meditation and mindfulness practice (Max Plank Institute Berlin)

♦ Researching and teaching in the field of conscious kink, body arts and BDSM, especially in the 7th threshold of Felix Ruckert, Berlin

♦ Further training in the Holon annual training of the Society for Applied Deep Ecology according to Joanna Macy

♦ Summer Academy Agents of Change and Ecological Citizenship (Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University)

♦ Dragon Dreaming Project Design


♦ Social and Social Education, Psychology and Psychiatry (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

♦ Cultural work (FH Potsdam)

♦ Art History and Literature (FU Berlin)