Advanced course Sexological Bodywork + somatic coaching for certified

03novall day05Advanced course Sexological Bodywork + somatic coaching for certified

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This 3-day course is aimed at already certified Sexological Bodyworkers who want to deepen their practice. 

In advance, we collect topics that interest you and encounter in your practice with the registrations. This can include both theoretical and practical impulses. On site we can devote ourselves to the topics as a whole group and also split into groups specific to interest + target groups.

The focus is on in-depth input on bodywork, somatic support/conversational skills and trauma-sensitive work.

Possible topics are, for example: pelvic work, parts work, dealing with different states of activation of the nervous system, how do I create a safe and trusting space + transitions, pleasure spots + pleasure exploration/ high energy...

We also want to look at the questions and challenges you encounter with the methods you are familiar with and how you can deal with them.

The course lasts 3 full days. More information about the exact seminar times shortly.

early booking price until September 1st: 350€

Regular price: 390€

Management: Mareen Scholl and Nino Mar Seliz



November 3 (Friday) - 5 (Sunday)

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