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I trust my uniqueness, relax in connection and marvel. About the change that is constantly happening in me, in you and around us.

I use my intuition, sensitivity and vulnerability to radically lovingly serve the magic and mystery of life.

I share with you and those around me my knowledge and skills to soothe the mind and nourish the body to grow beyond ourselves and in connection. Continue reading…

I am also available for english speaking people.

Free accompaniment

Would you like to find out which approach is the right one for you or would you like to draw from more possibilities?

Bring your concerns to me and together we will look for new ways to expand your potential for joie de vivre, desire and enjoyment and to integrate (sexual) sovereignty, self-efficacy and nurturing and courageous intimacy into your life.

You can decide on a method on site or I will work freely and intuitively with you by arrangement, whereby all approaches can flow together organically.

Somatic coaching and trauma-sensitive body therapy with a holistic understanding of the interplay between body, mind, feelings, social structures and spirituality. 

We sensitively devote ourselves to matters of the heart, vision and business issues, transformation processes and physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual challenges.

Somatic Wisdom, Sensual Awareness, and Sexual Self-Efficacy:

With self-love, appropriation and a spirit of discovery, find a sensually conscious home within yourself and an authentic expression of your sexuality and identity. Expand your potential for lust, pleasure + vitality.

Locate your concern in space and time(lessness) in order to experience it systemically, somatically and energetically.

Question inner landscapes, concrete challenges and important relationships and get moving answers from the open field of possibilities and ancestors.


Tao means way - into your life force, to harmony with you, your environment and the cosmos. With Qi Gong and meditation you develop and refine your life force Qi and bring it into a harmonious flow. You strengthen your inner center and status in your life through the integration of your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Cultivate, circulate and store your sexual energy as an inner source for physical and mental health, emotional balance, sexual power, loving relationships and aliveness. 


Nourish body and soul with massage rituals tailored to you and the moment.

Conscious, intuitive and holistic touch inspired by Slow Touch, Integrative Pelvic Work, Tantra, Thai Yoga, Lomi Lomi, Chi Nei Tsang and Karsei Nei Tsang massage supports integration, loving acceptance, relaxation and enjoyment for the whole body, the pelvic area and your genitals.

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